EuroBRICS is a civil society youth-led network bringing together individuals and communities from Europe and the BRICS.

Through meetings, exchange and collaboration we want to make sure our world becomes a fairer place in which each nation and individual has the same right to voice their concerns. We tackle stereotypes and foster mutual understanding through joint projects. And this is only the beginning!

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Great things start over a coffee.


At least once a year we aim to bring people together physically. Every time we gather motivated young people to discuss, exchange and bond live and in person. Every time these events elevate our platform to new levels: Helsinki catapulted us into being, Paris pushed us forward in terms of internal structure, Shanghai was our first physical event where we explored a specific topic in depth. And now Johannesburg has set a new beginning for an impactful future!



After two years of development, it's time for a new Strategic Planning Meeting, so our core team headed to Johannesburg, South Africa, right ahead of the BRICS Summit!


In July 2016 EuroBRICS Youth entered a new phase. We met in Shanghai to discuss and develop plans for a further summit in 2017  and enjoyed a Meet & Greet with new platform members.

PARIS 2016

As our platform developed and expanded quickly after Helsinki, a Strategic Planning Meeting became necessary. In Paris we made huge improvements to our internal organisation. 


Great ideas start ... great! In Helsinki and St. Petersburg we kickstarted our platform with a gathering of more than 130 young leaders, scholars, activists, joined by senior experts, academics and politicians.

Even when we're not together, we're together.


Collaborating across four continents, more than 14 timezones and more than 25 countries is a challenge we are more than happy to face every day in our organisation. Luckily, our modern technology gives us ways around physical separation. We hold regular meetings online, organise educational webinars connecting youth and experts from around the world, and building a strong community transcending cultures, space and time.


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Transparency is among our core values. Here is where you can find an ever-growing list of reports, documentation and papers related to our platform.