Great projects are often born of great ideas. In our case a European visionary thinker - Frank Blancheri - and his think tank - Paris-based Laboratoire Européen d'Anticipation Politique [LEAP] - recognised the future-bearing potential of a EuroBRICS Rapprochement. After he passed away Marie-Hélène Caillol, President of LEAP, continued his work and organised regular seminars and webinars with experts from Europe and the BRICS.

But as with all great projects, we too faced trouble. When Europe and Russia's relationship deteriorated over Crimea, our project was on the verge of dying - before we reanimated it and made it stronger than ever. Why should young people pay for the failure of today's leaders to find peaceful and sustainable solutions to our problems? 

We put the senior experts aside and invited more than 100 young leaders from Europe and the BRICS to join our first event in Helsinki and St. Petersburg, with the significant contribution of LEAP. We came into being with a bang! Three days of discussions, followed by three days of hands-on EuroBRICS experience between Finland and Russia, sparked the network we have today. 

After Helsinki we wasted no time getting organised and growing. LEAP increased its investment in the future of global governance even further by providing a full-time project manager - Fabian Wagner - for the endeavour. Regular online meetings and a series of webinars ensured that our network stuck together and grew. 

By spring 2016 our platform had already grown so big, that a Strategic Planning Meeting was required. With the help of our partners we met in a beautiful chalet south of Paris to discuss our further path. We agreed on some basic principles that are reflected in this website, we built an even stronger team, distributed tasks, agreed on a strategy for the future development of our platform, and concluded with a public conference in the Indian Embassy in Paris. 

As of June 2016 we are happy to be able to say, we are on a great track towards a fair, just, and truly multipolar world! 


With your support we can go even further. As a member or a partner you can help us in our mission to push for new ways of doing global governance.