EuroBRICS is a civil society youth-led network bringing together individuals and communities from Europe and BRICS.



EuroBRICS strives for global sustainable development and social cohesion through international cooperation. We embrace diversity as a unifying factor to address the global challenges of the 21st century. We believe youth are the most suitable group to address these challenges as the ones most affected by global policies and the generation that grew up in a globally interconnected world.


EuroBRICS empowers youth from Europe and BRICS to engage in global governance by providing a platform for young people to work globally. We do this through open knowledge transfer and international cooperation towards social entrepreneurship and capacity building. Based on the obstacles we face in practice we develop and advocate for relevant policy recommendations.


Organisational Structure

Our platform is lead by a balanced team, consisting of twelve Global Facilitators. The two Global Facilitators for each region/country share responsibilities for the local teams and international task forces. The work of our core team is supported by motivated young people from six local teams in Europe and BRICS. Our three bodies ensure we can work seamlessly on various levels, from local to global, and deliver our impact!

Global Facilitators
Leading the change

Local Teams
Our local anchors

Task Forces
Our teams for global tasks


Our Team

Yulia Afanasyeva
Global Facilitator (RU)

Antonis Triantafyllakis
Global Facilitator (EU)

Shahzaib Ahmed
Global Facilitator (IN)

Maiara Folly
Global Facilitator (BR)

Marie-Helene Caillol
Advisor (EU)

Raymond Matlala
Global Facilitator (SA)

Lycia Brasil
Global Facilitator (BR)

Luanda Mpungose
Global Facilitator (SA)

Dr. Caroline Maninee
Global Facilitator (IN)

Roman Chukov
Global Facilitator (RU)

We are currently developing our capacities and looking for Global Facilitators in China. If you have the will to invest time into our organisation, we are always delighted to hear from highly capable, motivated and enthusiastic young people.

Our positions are elected once a year for a term of one year. This is a time-consuming, exhausting task and our Global Facilitators, as well as the Task Forces and Local Teams are doing a great job in developing our network further.


Our Partners


One partner deserves a special place in this list: our founding organisation LEAP. Without LEAP's significant coaching and investment our platform would not have emerged so quickly.


We are always looking for inspiring new members, partners and sponsors!

New Members

Are you younger than 35 years old and want to make a true difference to global governance? You want to connect to other young people from across the globe and influence policy-making on a global level? Great, join us and become the change you want to see in the [multipolar] world!


  • <35 years old
  • Resident or national of a European or BRICS state
  • Compliance and identification with our aims, objectives and internal rules of procedure.


Did we get you as excited about our platform as we are? Do you want to support the development of the most ambitious emerging youth platform? Then we are interested in hearing from you!

We are looking for

  • Local partners providing venues and logistical support for our events

  • Financial contributions to cover the cost of young people during our meetings

  • Structural partners and grants allowing us to cover expenses related to the day to day management of our platform.

Thank you very much for your interest! We are truly looking forward to hearing from you.